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HDC IP Law — Securing Your Intellectual Property Rights

HDC IP Law is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to serving all aspects of the intellectual property legal needs of its clients – including trade secret, patent, trademark and copyright matters.  The firm specializes is securing and enforcing patent rights including licensing, opinions and litigation support.  The firm was founded with the goal of providing the highest level of service, while at the same time maintaining a low overhead carefully tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.  The combination allows the firm to address the legal needs of its clients in a cost effective way.

The firm was formed in 2006 with an initial focus on patent prosecution, licensing and opinion work, but has expanded to all aspects of intellectual property law and includes a large number of experienced attorneys.  Prior to co-founding the firm, Doug Hamilton, Mike DeSanctis and Don Cha practiced at some of the premier law firms in the country including Townsend and Townsend and Crew; and Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman.  During this time, the three founding partners developed vibrant practices representing a mixture of established and early stage technology and life sciences companies.  Representing such companies often requires counseling in multiple aspects of intellectual property law and general business law and is often informed by business and technical work experience.  Because of this, the firm has limited its hiring to attorneys with considerable work experience prior to attending law school coupled with top notch legal skills.  This combination allows us to anticipate and understand the needs of a high tech client.

By involvement in all aspects of the intellectual property process from procurement to assertion and licensing, attorneys at the firm are well prepared to provide counsel to a client at any stage of the process, with such counsel in one aspect of the intellectual property process enlightened by the depth of experience developed in other aspects.  All attorneys in the firm have developed considerable experience in securing intellectual property rights, and most have considerable litigation and licensing experience.

In addition to the breadth of intellectual property work performed, the firm has carefully assembled attorneys with expertise in different technology areas including semiconductor devices, computer hardware and software, networking and other forms of communications, microprocessor architecture, hard disk drive technologies, multimedia products, biotechnology (including molecular biology, immunoassays, clinical and diagnostic assays and genetics), pharmaceutical, chemical (e.g., small molecules), material science, polymers, chemical processes, medical devices, biochemistry, biophysics and mechanical arts.  The diverse technology backgrounds of the attorneys allows the firm to offer relevant expertise to a broad range of technology companies.